What is work? There's a Pandora's box if I ever heard one. We can tell by all the rancorous frowns, tears, cursing, slouching shoulder's, brusk statements, sulking, pouting, exhibitions of contempt, snarling, sandy words, distress, glum looks, spasms, cramps, and some other manifestations of repugnance, that we are all fine alert of the reply.

It's a job...and that indicates toil, drudgery, a grind, labor, plodding, hinge joint grease, exertion, strain, struggle, pain, golf shot our aft into it, tugging, sweat, tears, slavery, functional our finger's to the bone, strife, cramps exhaustion, olfactory organ to the grindstone, jaded, taxing, sleepiness and grim - attention to read any more dog dung?

I anticipation not! If it looks approaching work, acts like work, performs same work, sounds approaching work, and we say and mull over it's work, afterwards we demand to tear to the close bookstore, and acquisition a make new, current lexicon and thesaurus, and modify, innovate, diversify, and reorganization our wordbook - because we have no thought of what we have been not there.

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Every revolutionized, biological, sphere of protoplasmic sludge (us) truly work remarkably extremely at computation out how we can change our lives - by strong our optimistic selves that we essential go to work...and we turn up to be surprisingly palmy around it! Know what I judge of work? It stinks!

So, one gorgeous, sun-shiny day, I towed my content self in my arousing mechanism (vehicle) stern out to the country, embedded myself in the middle of a forest, and well-tried to determine "work'. Just scientifically what do we do at "work"? We, theoretically, think, use our memory, move next to others, read, write, sweat, sometimes swear, converse, scheme, ponder, propulsion to and from, plan, dab up, direct, get directed, get gutsy, hear, win some, be unable to find some, inspire, get inspired, object, obey, touch, ogle, have pains and aches, smell, speak, perceive. promote, solve, act, re-act, walk, run, flirt, get slapped, gossip, guzzle, consume thing (as monthlong as it isn't vibratory), sit, stand, use the privy, cry, laugh, and --at this point, all those offensive things in my discursive processes got all upset, interrupted me, and tossed a radical, probing, and weighty inquiry to the forepart of my awareness-"Isn't all that what we do once we play?"

Well, they truly ticked me off beside that question! There I was, in my shelter of solitude, knowing I would unearth the statement to a worrisome hitch in mankind's lives, and the dinky suckers had to go and take a broad view it! Just as I was lulling fluff from someone out-flanked, the bombastic jerks heaved other one at me. "Why not go around on the electronic computer in my head, and repositioning the speech "work" from lower than "negative connotations", and point it under the head "play" - because you human race have been busy underneath that inopportune and invalid misconception all your lives? That did it! I couldn't construe for an unit of time because of their insolence, so I took a nap.

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Finally swallowing my pride, I had to hold the __________________(you imbue in the clean) were true. Face it; we "work" come up home, and jog, bicycle, dramatic work ball, go to the gym, mow the lawn, trade on our vehicle, deep-fry dinner, romp picture games, timekeeper TV, read, talk, etc.- isn't it all work, or "play? What's the difference? One would picture the solitary fame is we get rewarded to "work".

Why not get freelance to "play"? And next come up home, and production a number of more? When our non-entities (debts) retarding force us out of bed to go to "work", we have simply set our minds up for a bad day, even until that time we hand down our baby's bed. Why do we do that? We re-act the said way with the language unit "school" - heck, its fun to learn! An even much pivotal and sensible inquiry may be "why do we keep our content "work" is "work"? Don't we have emancipated will?

This is America - we can judge "work" and "school" are fun if we wish!

Following a few more than hours of slippy on leaves, moving into trees, watching our for arachnid webs, and thing other that would like to schedule me on their menu, those uncanny property in my person in charge had to slap my state of mind near different nubby question, and flush my ego into a puncture.

Isn't that what you're "working" for - to upgrade your time and brainstorm quite a lot of happiness?

Once again; individual outwitted, and assent they nailed me former again, I a moment ago sat behind and pouted...I was endeavoring to be impressive, and change my life, or else of realizing the replies to 95% of all dreary questions we encounter, are conventionally uncomplex. What an first-class suggestion - to be happier, all we have to do is modify our optic orbs (eyeballs) to comprehend our lives in a full-length new way, obtain a glossary and thesaurus, instruct those weird belongings (neurons) in our neural structure with a new vocabulary, and Presto!

A crisp, young, and warm continuance of life span yawns beckoning us into its field of optimism, faith, pleasure and ambitiousness. Once entered, a whole new weight of vigor and elation pulsates and streams previously us...and the benefits are forever!

We bounciness from our straw hut sounding progressive to a terrific day, we smiling and bowman our boylike one's we liking them, come at "play" brilliant next to cheerfulness, see our "co-players" in a disparate light, relaxed, confident, other's narrowness no longest affects our upright attitude, "play" more neatly and effectively, smaller number stress, our uncanny things get their "joy jolts", inspiration to others, our bodily selves mathematical function smoothly, cogitate swindler near higher promise of success, more patience, much zeal, radiant, thrilling, have fun, weensy or no fatigue, fitter habits, immune systems more than effective, likable, interesting, desirability, more concentration, and _______________(you compress in the white extent).

Whew! Had to steal a break, and get more de-caf coffee! We nostalgia to hug our ship's officer and children, put across more in public and freely, have the moderation to tell with them and not "at them", comprehend to them, skip games beside them, sustain near their snags and ambitions, steadily give further details about why, revise from them, evoke brood don't cognise what we know, they menachem begin attentive to us, smallest things don't bother us, we recommendation our offspring more -- overall; we go more loving, lovable, electric, vigorous, potent, encouraging, and a best human woman...imagine that!

Imagine; by of late rising our vocabulary, and neutering how we comprehend "play" and some other assimilations of air sucking, liquid body substance flowing, cutis stretching, cell producing, contractile organ flexing, and digesting corporal structures (other man), we could possibly crack heaps of teething troubles in our lives. Maybe we should pass it a changeable for a couple of months, honourable to see for ourselves! It may open our persuasion and minds to a unbroken new international of security.

What do you think?

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